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Powder coating is the FASTEST GROWING finishing technology in NORTH AMERICA. Its profound rate is due to its economic and environmental advantages over liquid paint and at the same time providing a superior finish. There are two segments to the powder coating business.

3P Industries serves BOTH INDUSTRIAL segment and the CUSTOM COATING segments of the market. We have the equipment and technology to tackle the largest of jobs from industry. We also possess the flexibility to accommodate the smallest of jobs for the individual that need our product and service.

Powder Painting Process

The process of powder coating can be divided into three separate stages, which are CLEANING, COATING, and CURING.

CLEANING Cleaning is the first step in powder coating and is the removal of all organic and inorganic soils from the product to be coated. Examples of INORGANIC SOILS would be rust, smut, heat scale, oxides, stains, and loose particulate matter. These items would normally be removed by media blasting and/or chemical process.

Examples of ORGANIC SOILS would be mill oils, oily or wax films, rust inhibitors, coolants, lubricants, die release and drawing compounds. The main burden of the cleaning process is to remove the organic soils common to most metallic substrates. The most common form of cleaning chemistries from organic soils is water based chemical formulations, combining surfactant, detergents, alkaline builders, and sequestering agents. Cleaning the products to be coated is normally completed in an industrial washer combining heat and high pressure.

The dry pigmented powder, if held in your hand, looks and feels like colored BABY POWDER. It is also just as safe. Basically because it is free of the hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in liquid paints.

The powder that is sprayed is captured and recycled creating very little waste. Today, powder coatings are available that result in a highly durable finish in a variety of colors, glosses and textures. New formulations in powders have made it possible to achieve innovative finishes that are above and beyond liquid paints.

Powder coating's strong resistance to extreme temperature, chemicals, UV rays, abrasion, cracking or chipping has made it a popular finish with automotive and motorcycle parts as well as outdoor furniture and exercise equipment. Powder coating is also an excellent choice for refinishing and restoration projects.

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